One Fan's Avatar The Last Airbender Musical Expands with Even More Songs

Avatar The Last Airbender recently made a big return to the public eye thanks in part to its arrival on the streaming service of Netflix, allowing fans to either revisit the series or dive in for the first time to follow Aang and his friends attempt to stop the Fire Nation, and one fan has gone the extra mile by creating their own musical for the award winning franchise! With one of the most beloved episodes of the series being "The Ember Island Players", which saw the events of the series re-enacted by actors in the series, this will definitely grab fans' attention.

Ba Sign Se, the capital city of the Earth Kingdom, had an enigmatic and foreboding introduction in the world of Avatar the Last Airbender, with Aang and company being introduced to a city that was essentially brainwashing many of its inhabitants. Acting as the focal point for the second season, the Avatar and his friends were navigating through the treacherous city and were first introduced to Joo Dee during the installment of episodes as they discovered the terrifying secrets of the locale. The fan in question that has been working on this musical does a great job of capturing the protagonists as well as the strange menace that lies beneath the surface of the Earth Kingdom.

Twitter User KaludiaSays shared this impressive song from an Avatar The Last Airbender Musical created by "Tik Toker" Katherine Lynn Rose, as she puts together an amazing chorus that re-enacts the main protagonists being introduced to Joo Dee within Ba Sing Se of the Earth Kingdom:

The second season of Avatar The Last Airbender not only introduced the Earth Kingdom in full, but also added a beloved fan favorite character to the mix when it came to Toph, the blind earth bender who became one of the strongest benders the world over. Using her Earth bending to manipulate metal itself, Toph became a key member of the crew until the series' end.

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