Avatar: The Last Airbender Actor Says He's Passing the Torch to Netflix's Stars

Avatar: The Last Airbender is ready to tackle its next era, and this shift will bring the franchise to Netflix in a new way. If you did not know, the series is getting a live-action adaptation from Netflix, and work is underway on the show. Not long ago, the stars of the much-anticipated production were announced, and the voice behind Zuko says he's ready to pass on his torch.

The update comes from a Q&A session actor Dante Basco did at FACTS 2021. The actor, who voiced Zuko in the original series, told Avatar: The Last Airbender fans how his first conversation with Dallas Liu went once news broke the star would bring the Fire Nation prince to life.

"I just had a conversation with the new kid playing Zuko on the show for Netflix-- Dallas Liu-- and we were talking about the character, and, you know, I was kinda passing the torch, like, bro, it's your turn to play him, how you're gonna play him," Basco shared. "I'll tell you things about how I did it, and it could help you on your journey, but ultimately, it's your turn to play him how you're gonna play him, wherever that character intersects with you."

For fans, this update is a nice one to hear as it is the first of its kind. Avatar: The Last Airbender does have a torrid history with Hollywood, and many fans rely on the original series to guide them when adaptations come around. In light of the show's last big-screen feature, fans have been wary about this Netflix show. However, Basco's talk with Liu is settling some of those fears.

Right now, Liu and his castmates are working on Avatar: The Last Airbender up in Canada. Production began a few weeks ago, leaving fans more eager than ever to see some footage. There is no word when the live-action Netflix show will debut, but fans are hoping a 2022 release is on the horizon. And when it goes live, you can bet Basco will be one of the first to cheer Liu on.

What do you make of Basco's comments? Do you have faith in this Netflix adaptation to do Avatar: The Last Airbender justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.