Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast Photo Teases Aang's Iconic Shaven Look

Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting ready to embark on a new journey, and Netflix cannot afford to lead the series wrong. The company is working on its live-action adaptation of Avatar, and fans are cautiously hopeful about the project given its spot-on cast. With production underway at last, netizens are eagerly waiting for their first look at Netflix's series, and a new cast photo teases how Aang will look in the series.

The update comes from social media as actor Gordon Cormier posted a photo of himself with co-star Ian Ousley. As you can see below, Cormier is already in character as Aang even off the set, and fans are paying close attention to his hairline.

Even though a hat is obscuring Cormier's head, fans can tell the actor has taken a razor to his hair. What little hairline can be seen is shaved close, and Cormier's ears are not framed by any hair either. The child actor's dark shaggy hair is gone, and Avatar fans knew that was going to happen at some point.

After all, Aang is an airbender, and he follows most of the tribe's nomadic practices. This includes shaving one's hair until they're bald. The look allows nomads to show off their airbender tattoos, and just like in our world, the people shave their heads as a sign of their spirituality. While Aang did grow out his hair at points in the original show, our hero kept his locks trimmed more often than not. And now, it seems Cormier is learning how to take care of his hair just like Aang would. 

While it may seem strange to obsess over a tiny detail like Aang's hair, fans of the original series are taking in every sign they get. It is no secret that Avatar: The Last Airbender has a dark history with live-action adaptations, but Netflix's approach has the fandom infinitely more optimistic this time around. Nailing the characters' looks is just one of many things this TV series must do to win fans over. But with stars like Cormier onboard, fans are hopeful this live-action adaptation will be the one they've been dreaming about. 

What do you think of Cormier's new look? Do you have faith in this Netflix adaptation given Avatar's top-notch cast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.