Baki to Bring New Season to Television This July

Baki The Grappler's latest season on Netflix saw the son of the demon fighting against a cavalcade [...]

Baki The Grappler's latest season on Netflix saw the son of the demon fighting against a cavalcade of new brawlers on his quest to become the strongest creature in the world as a part of the Great Raitai Tournament, and while all the episodes has debuted on the streaming service, it seems that the series will hit the airwaves this summer! The fighting anime created by Keisuke Itagaki features some of the hardest hitting battles in the world of anime, and while a new season has yet to be confirmed following the Netflix debut, fans are loving the new episodes!

In a new promotional video released by the anime franchise, Baki was revealed to be hitting television sets in Japan on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, and Hokkaido TV respectively. Following the first season that saw the fighters of the world of Baki facing off against a gang of convicts who were looking to participate in some of the most brutal battles that the world has ever seen. While the latest season focused on a giant tournament that saw fighters from Japan and China clash against one another for the respect of their countries, the final episode of the latest arc focused on the return of the convicts who had no qualms about cheating during their matches.

Baki Season Two TV
(Photo: TMS Entertainment)

Baki The Grappler has been running with its manga since 1991, continuing to tell the story of Baki and his insanely powerful father, Yujiro, across the years within the continuity of the franchise. Prior to Netflix releasing this new take on Baki, an anime series with forty eight episodes was released in 2001, and the recent series on the streaming service acts as a sequel, continuing the story of the son of Yujiro Hanma's son as he trains to become the strongest fighter in the world!

Keisuke Itagaki isn't the only member of his family who is known for creating a popular anime, as his daughter, Paru, is the creator of Beastars, which has also made a name for itself on Netflix since its debut!

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