Toonami To Air Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Long Halloween is one of the most noteworthy stories of the Dark Knight in recent memory, telling a story from the early career of the Caped Crusader that featured a good majority of his villains while wrapping him in a mystery that shook the foundations of Gotham City to its core. With the animated adaptation releasing both the first and second parts of the story this year, Toonami has wasted little time in bringing this adventure of Bruce Wayne to its airwaves as the programming block will air the movie on its channel shortly. 

The Long Halloween was first introduced as a comic series by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale and definitely earned its place as one of the greatest Batman stories of all time. While it had plenty of superhero action, the maxi-series also took the opportunity to show off the Dark Knight's detective skills as he attempted to find out who was killing members of Gotham's mafia under the moniker of Holiday, a villain that would commit murder on each holiday of the year and leave a calling card at each crime scene. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time until the story received an animated adaptation.

Toonami shared the news that it would be airing the first move in the two-part story of Batman: The Long Halloween on October 23rd at 12:30AM, giving fans the opportunity to dive into this story of Gotham's past for the first time or revisit the Dark Knight story that pit the Caped Crusader against a number of his old foes along with the new threat in Holiday:

Batman: The Long Halloween did receive a sequel in the comics with Batman: Dark Victory, which not only extrapolated on the events of the series but introduced the early days of Bruce Wayne taking on a ward in Dick Grayson, aka Robin. While there has been no news regarding this story receiving an animated adaptation, we definitely wouldn't be surprised considering how many movies the Dark Knight has received via Warner Bros' animation department these past years. 

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