Berserk Reveals The Long Awaited Return of SPOILER

We're not crying, you're crying! Ever since the devastating events of the "Eclipse", Guts' world has went from bad to worse. Running from location to location, attempting to find his revenge against Griffith and his new "Hellraiser-style" buddies of the Godhand, Guts has escorted Casca, his fellow soldier in the Band of the Hawk and one time lover. Though Guts left the eclipse losing an arm and an eye, Casca returned to earth with her mind completely gone, reverting to a mental state of a young child. Now however, Guts and the gang have traveled to the magical realm of Elfheim and seem to have managed to restore Casca's mind in the process.

Gut's life has been ROUGH. If you're not familiar with Berserk, think an anime/manga franchise akin to the recent juggernaut that is Game of Thrones but with far darker undertones and much more bloody sword fighting along the way. If Jon Snow had a giant "Dragon Slayer" sword along with a metal arm that changes into a cannon, you'd have Guts. The series itself has been running since 1989 and though the franchise has been plagued with delays, fans are still clamoring to see the final resolution of the long running series.

(Photo: 4C Studio)

Following his friends being horribly murdered at the hands of demons known as "Apostles", Guts manages to survive a hellish landscape created during the "Eclipse" and returns to Earth with the only woman he's ever loved, Casca. Unfortunately, Casca undergoes a terrible assault within the Eclipse that causes her mind to be seemingly lost forever. Following the event, Guts finds new allies and on his travels, manages to find the hidden world of the elves in Elfheim.

The queen of this world discovers a way, with the help of Guts' crew, to bring back Casca's seemingly lost mind and in the most recent chapter of Berserk, the former member of the Band of the Hawk is seemingly returned to her former self. Unfortunately, it also seems that the events of the Eclipse still travel with her as well as the final scene sees Casca emotionally breaking down after remembering what happened to her, which is really horrible and if you haven't read and/or seen it before, be warned.

Have you been waiting for the, long time coming, return of Casca? How do you think her return will affect Guts' quest for revenge? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Berserk!


Berserk was originally created by Kentaro Miura for Monthly Animal House magazine (now Young Animal) in 1989. The series follows Guts, an immensely strong warrior who is known for his massive sword. Guts lives his days fighting in a demon-infested medieval world where corrupt nobles rule. The hero is plagued by demon assailants thanks to a curse he had branded on him, and Guts continues to fight in order to keep a vow. The man promised to slay a former friend of his who became a demon and ripped away Guts' former life.