Berserk Tattoo Captures The Insane Darkness of Guts

The story of Guts, Griffith, and the Band of the Hawk is a fan favorite among many anime fans that are enthusiastic about dark fantasy tales and one such fan was able to get an insanely detailed and beautiful tattoo that captures the dark beast that is residing within the soul of the black swordsman. With Guts struggling externally with a never ending barrage of demons and seeking vengeance against his former friend and leader of the mercenary group that took him in, a dark force within the black swordsman has festered and remains an internal battle that Guts still struggles with.

Fans of Berserk have been waiting for quite awhile to see the story created by Kentaro Miura come to an end, with the dark franchise beginning in the late 1980s and continuing to follow Guts' battle across multiple decades. With one of the latest chapters of the manga hinting that the black swordsman's journey is about to come to an end, audiences are crossing their fingers that we'll finally get to see the long awaited battle between Guts and Griffith finally take place. Needless to say, with Griffith having become a part of the God Hand and emerging as the new being Femto, Guts is going to have to rely on the darkness within himself as well as the Berserker armor to finally exact his revenge.

Reddit User AlexHorus shared this impressive Berserk tattoo that perfectly captures the "Beast of Darkness" that resides within Guts as it descends upon the Eclipse that took so much from the black swordsman as well as Casca, his lady love, and the rest of the Band of the Hawk for Griffith's gain:

Wonderful tatoo of the Beast of Darkness from r/Berserk

Berserk in the past few years received an anime series that unfortunately wasn't well received by fans of the long running franchise. With many believing that the animation that was computer generated didn't live up to the original art work of the manga, fans are waiting to see if the tale of the Band of the Hawk will once again make its way to televisions in the future. The producers behind Netflix's Castlevania series have gone on record that they would love to have the chance to adapt to story of Berserk, but nothing official has been set in stone.


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