2018 ‘Dragon Ball’ Film Aims To Be The Franchise's Best

Earlier this weekend, fans of Dragon Ball finally got the announcement they've been waiting for. Jump Festa saw Shueisha announce a new movie would be coming to the series, and the 20th feature film isn't going to settle in any way.

No, according to the studio, the 2018 Dragon Ball film aims to be the franchise's best yet.

Thanks to translators, the official Japanese announcement for Dragon Ball's next film has gone live. Herms98 turned around the notice for fans, and as you can see below, Shueisha and Toei Animation have big hopes for the movie.

"After 2013 saw the premiere of the first film in 17 years, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the Dragon Ball world expanded even further with 2015's Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of 'F', leading to the TV anime Dragon Ball Super currently airing," the press release reads.

"As befits the 20th entry in a movie series that has continued to pursue even stronger characters and even more entertaining stories, this film is being diligently produced with the goal of having the greatest scale and quality of the series to date!"

If you aren't ready to jump on-board with the film, then you may change your mind when you hear about Akira Toriyama's involvement. The creator of Dragon Ball will work on the film as he did on its last. The release confirms "original author Akira Toriyama is in charge of the original work, script, and character designs."

"It looks like he's already done more image illustrations than for any movie before," Toei stressed. "We can't wait for the film's debut in December 2018."


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