Black Clover Just Got a Big NBA Shoutout in This New Promo

Anime has become one of the biggest mediums in entertainment, and pro athletes have been spreading its gospel for some time now. From football to soccer and even swimming, it seems athletes around the world are pulled towards anime and like to talk about it. That is why Black Clover just got its own shoutout from the NBA, and we have one of its stars to thank!

Recently, DC x NEC was able to chat with Daniel Gafford about his career in the NBA and what kind of inspiration helps him on the court. It was there the Washington Wizards center admitted anime has helped him immensely, and Black Clover is the latest show to leave an impression on him.

"Anime, in general, there is a lot of stuff I take from it. There's a lot you can learn about life in general from it from the villain's standpoint and the main protagonist as well. You know, the main protagonist never giving up like Goku who wants to fight everyone who's strong," Gifford shared, giving a nod to Dragon Ball Z before moving to the Clover Kingdom.

"In a recent one I watched, Black Clover, the main character Asta doesn't have powers like everyone else. He has anti-magic, he cancels out everything, so he is very useful... If anyone out there is a Black Clover fan, you know what I'm talking about."

Continuing, Gifford goes on to say that Astra's mantra about never giving up hits him the right way as an athlete. Even when a game is going the wrong way, the pro athlete leans into Asta's tenacity to boost his own morale. Gifford and his team have to show the same perseverance the Black Bulls bring into battles of their own. So if you happen to catch a game with Giffords any time soon, don't be afraid to call out Black Clover lines to keep his head in the game.

What do you think about Gafford's history with Black Clover? Can you relate to his take on the anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.