Black Clover Will Reportedly Go on Hiatus Soon Due to the Pandemic

Black Clover is the series that no one saw coming. The manga was a success at Shonen Jump when it got its anime adaptation, but the show got off to a rocky start. These days, it is hard to deny to power of Black Clover as its fandom has grown leaps and bounds. With well over a 100 episodes to its name, it seems like nothing can derail the series, but a new report suggests a hiatus is coming for the popular show.

The report comes from anime curator SpyTrue over on Twitter. The user hit up followers to let them in on the bad news about Black Clover. It seems the show will have to go on an indefinite hiatus in a little over a week.

"[The] Black Clover TV anime will [be] postponed around Episode 132," the account shared.

Of course, fans were quick to react to the news, and they weren't too pleased with the update. No direct reason was given for the pushback but it is widely understood that the ongoing pandemic has caused havoc amongst the anime industry. Much in the same way Hollywood films have suffered from social distancing needs so has anime. Artists are unable to animate shows at the moment, and there is no Black Clover is running short on episodes.


There is no word when the show could return, but Black Clover will go off air before long. Episode 132 is slated to air soon, so the anime may move to hiatus before April ends. If that is the case, the industry will have taken yet another knock. So far, shows like Re:Zero and Sword Art Online have already been postponed with others like One Piece headed down that same path.

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