New Black Clover Episode Welcomes the Start of War

Black Clover is going in on its new arc, and fans are understandably hyped for what's to come. It helps that this ongoing arc is one of the most anticipated to date. The Heart Kingdom arc is about to be in full swing, and thanks to a new episode title, fans know war is just on the horizon.

The information came recently when a new episode for Black Clover debuted. The title for episode 164 was also shared with fans, and it is telling. The name is none other than "Battlefield: Heart Kingdom" so you know things are about to get real (via BCspoiler).

Black Clover Yuno Zenon Spade Kingdom Fight Anime Tease
(Photo: Pierrot)

The episode will come after an epic one this week featuring Yuno. The mage found himself on the defensive when his guild was attacked by Heart Kingdom soldiers. The kingdom and its dark wizards are ready to bring down the Clover Kingdom at all costs. In order to do that, Yuno's team was singled out in an ambush as it is considered the strongest in Clover, and Yuno laid into his foes after rushing to help his friends.

Black Clover readers know how nasty the Heart Kingdom can be, and the Clover Kingdom has never been fully at ease with the neighbor. Now, Yuno and Asta will find out firsthand how strong the invaders are. The Dark Triad are no joke, and the Spade Kingdom will only be so much help against them. Much of that responsibility will fall to Asta, so you can bet the Black Bulls are gearing up ahead of this impending war.


As for how this arc will end, your guess is as good as ours. Black Clover is not yet finished with the story in the manga as it only began less than two years ago. With the show catching up to the manga, there is no telling how Black Clover will handle its pacing moving forward, but the Hearts Kingdom arc could be very different on screen thanks to this conflicting stride.

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