Black Clover Reveals Yuno's Timeskip Promotion

Black Clover's newest episode revealed Yuno got a promotion during the timeskip! Before the Spade Kingdom arc officially began, it had set up Asta and a few other members of the Clover Kingdom's knights with some training in the Heart Kingdom to make themselves stronger. Yuno was not a part of this line-up, but it appears that with the newest episode of the series he has done some growing in his own right in the ranks of the Golden Dawn. Now that the anime has jumped ahead six months to start the fight against the Spade Kingdom proper, the newest episode has shown some of Yuno's improvements as well.

Episode 159 of the anime revisits Yuno following the six month timeskip, and although it doesn't seem like he's made any great strides in his physical or magical power (at least when compared to the dramatic change Asta underwent in that same time period), Yuno's moving up the ranks as it's confirmed that he's now become Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn.

Before the timeskip, one of the episodes setting up the events of the Spoade Kingdom arc revealed that the Golden Dawn's former Vice Captain, Langris Vaude, had been questioning himself ever since he was taken over during the Reincarnation arc. Wanting to travel and find himself, he took leave of his position in the Golden Dawn. It seems that since the last time we had seen the Golden Dawn, Yuno had taken over this role.

Black Clover Yuno Spade Kingdom Promotion Vice Captain Golden Dawn Anime
(Photo: Pierrot)

Yuno wants to be the Wizard King just as much as Asta does, but while Asta is dealing some major damage to their foes, Yuno has been working in the background and climbing up the ladder in the proper fashion. Now he's at a much higher position that Asta is, and that much closer to accomplishing his dream. But some of the newest reveals in the episode might throw a wrench into things as well.

Yuno was also confirmed to be the former prince of the Spade Kingdom as Episode 159 came to an end, and thus he just might have a much different future than he planned for. He might not have to be the Wizard King after all. But what do you think? Surprised to see Yuno promoted to the Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!