Black Clover Shares First Look at Major Yuno Reveal

Black Clover shared the first look at a major upcoming reveal for Yuno during the Spade Kingdom arc! With Black Clover's new arc now underway in the anime, the newest opening theme sequence for the series has been an especially exciting one for fans. Not only has it been a major tease of what's to come in future episodes of the arc, but some of these teases are the first look at some of the biggest reveals coming in future episodes of the series as they were previously revealed during the events of Yuki Tabata's original Weekly Shonen Jump manga release.

This, of course, applies to one of the central heroes, Yuno. The newest episode of the series revealed that not only did Yuno move up the ranks in the Golden Dawn during the six month timeskip before the Spade Kingdom arc, but that he actually has some strong ties to the Spade Kingdom itself. This will be explored in the next episode, most likely, and will make one particular tease from the opening make all the more sense. Fair warning, spoilers below with the explanation:

Black Clover Yuno Mom First Look Spade Kingdom Anime Spoilers
(Photo: Pierrot)

Towards the end of Episode 159 of series, a cliffhanger reveal saw Yuno directly connected with the Spade Kingdom's fate as he's apparently the former prince of the Spade Kingdom. Said to belong to the House of Grinberryall, Yuno is the Spade Kingdom prince that was saved during the initial heated takeover of the kingdom by the Dark Triad. That's actually where the opening theme sequence kicks in. (Warning: Massive spoilers below!)

During the newest opening theme, a couple of images flash by of a Yuno's jewel, (which the Spade Kingdom refugee used to identify Yuno in the newest episode), a smiling woman, and a burning kingdom before Yuno can be seen screaming. This not only hints at the rest of the Spade Kingdom arc's events, but they also are a summary of Yuno's past. Because the woman in question in the opening is actually Yuno's mother, and if the anime continues directly adapting the events of the manga, we'll be seeing her in full as soon as the next episode most likely.

Did you expect the newest opening to reveal such an important piece of Yuno's past? Excited to learn more about his ties to the Spade Kingdom in the coming episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!