Black Clover Dives into Yuno's Origin Story

Black Clover dives into Yuno's origin story in the newest episode! Yuno and Asta's pasts have been one of the key mysteries surrounding the series as a whole because not only were they two of the few characters not to have a last name, but their respective abilities seemed to tease that they were much more than their humble orphanage upbringing had let on. This was confirmed to be Yuno's case with the previous episode of the series revealed that he was actually a prince of the Spade Kingdom that had been lost over the years.

With such a bombshell like this, thankfully the newest episode of the anime further elaborates on what Yuno's ties to the Spade Kingdom really are. Black Clover Episode 160 dives into Yuno's origin story before he ended up at the orphanage in Hage Village, and not only fleshes out his place as part of the rightful Spade Kingdom royal line but potentially sets him up to be torn between the two kingdoms in the future.

Ralph, the escapee from the Spade Kingdom who came to the Clover Kingdom in search of Yuno specifically, used his magic to show Yuno his past and it was revealed that he is indeed a prince of the Spade Kingdom. The flashback reveals his mother and father, Loyce and Ciel of the House of Grinberryall, and that he was beloved by his kingdom as a whole. It's even revealed that his father was the one who gave him the jewel he continues to wear around his neck.

Black Clover Yuno Origin Story Spade Kingdom Anime
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But soon things take a turn for the tragic as the Zogratis siblings turned treasonous and revealed that they had made pacts with Devils. Using their now superior strength, they took over the Spade Kingdom and presumably killed Yuno's parents along with anyone who opposed them. Ralph and his father then struggled to escape the kingdom with the baby Yuno.


Ralph's father does make it to the Clover Kingdom, but he's in such terrible shape that all he has the ability to do at that point is use his own wind magic to drop Yuno at the doorstep of the orphanage. This news shakes Yuno to his core because while he's been fighting for the Clover Kingdom as his home all this time, it's now clear the Spade Kingdom might be expecting him to return when all this is over.

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