Black Clover Cliffhanger Puts Asta in Danger

Black Clover is getting ready to kick off the final major war of the series as a whole, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series has gotten things off to a bloody start with Asta's life now in question! The final arc of the series is now in full swing as the fourth missing Zogratis sibling, Lucius, has now made his move on Asta and the rest of the Clover Kingdom. This first fight demonstrated just how much of a threat this final villain will be, and it's been especially tough on Asta heading into the final battle.

Although Asta has become much stronger in the fifteen months since his fight with Lucifero (and even strengthened up his Devil Union form), there's still a wide gap in between Asta and Lucius as Lucius has unlocked a whole new level of power. After leaving Asta in a bloody heap in the previous chapter, things got even worse as the newest chapter of the series has seemingly taken him completely out of the equation heading into the final holy war for the fate of the world. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

The previous chapter of the series saw Asta take a fatal looking blow from Lucius, and Chapter 335 of Black Clover sees Noelle and Mimosa trying to speed to his side in order to help him. It's then revealed that Sister Lily has been given the power of Beelzebub following her Soul Magic takeover, and she stops Noelle and Mimosa in their tracks. She has become far much stronger than ever before, and now has dominion over a much more powerful version of the spatial magic Zenon Zogratis had used before. But then the worst happens. 

Sister Lily then directs her power towards Asta, and he's completely erased. It's implied that he's been teleported to a different space than the battlefield, but given his injuries, he might be in more danger than he was before. It's not a complete death, but it's certainly going to raise some major questions about his whereabouts heading into the grand finale of the series. At the same time, Asta just might be the only fighter who can really do something


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