Black Clover Reveals the Devil Banishers' True Goal

Black Clover has reached a new phase of its original anime arc exploring the aftermath of the war against the Elves, and the newest episode has revealed what true goal the Devil Banishers are after. The Devil Banishers were first introduced to the anime as a group made up of Clover Kingdom citizens who held such a deep grudge against the Devil and Magic Knights who had destroyed their homes and killed their loved ones during the massive war in the previous arc. But as the newest episode revealed, it turns out that they are after something much more sinister.

The newest episode of the series intensifies the conflict between the Devil Banishers as they limited what the Magic Knights could do by posting both Nero and Marie for a public execution. But when this plan falls apart and Asta and the others are able to rescue Marie, they show their true colors and revealed that they actually want the Devil's power for themselves.

Episode 145 of the series kicks off the real battle against the Devil Banishers as Asta and the others attempt to save both Nero and Marie, but this group proved to be far trickier to overcome because of how far they are willing to go for their goal. It even seemed a bit too extreme before their real goal was revealed at the end of the episode.

Black Clover Devil Banishers True Goal Devil Believers
(Photo: Shueisha)

When Asta fails to save Nero from their clutches, they also get a hand on his grimmoire. Now that they have the key for their plan, it's begun to move forward. As the episode comes to an end, the Magic Knight Captains are contacted with one of the Devil Banishers members and it's soon revealed that they were attacked and some were even killed.

The contact reveals that there are those in the group who don't hate the Devils, but instead want to acquire Devil's magic for themselves. With Asta's grimmoire in hand, this group is officially dubbed the "Devil Believers" and are now seeking how to get this power for themselves. It's a surprising twist, and definitely explains why they seemed so extreme at first. But what do you think?


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