Black Clover Shocks with Brutal Death in Newest Episode

Black Clover's current anime is in the midst of an original arc featuring characters seeking to [...]

Black Clover's current anime is in the midst of an original arc featuring characters seeking to eliminate those involved with the Devil, but the newest episode truly took things to a shocking new level with a truly brutal and unexpected death. It's so brutal, in fact, that we honestly need to issue a content warning for references to self-harm and violence as we get into the breakdown of the newest episode. With that being said, this is just how intense the Devil Banishers arc has been in the anime so far as Asta and the others are dealing with extremists.

The current arc of the anime was specifically made for it to give Yuki Tabata's original manga more time to develop, but it's also fleshing out the world of the series as it's revealed a group who think of the Devils so much that they are willing to take their own lives for their cause. Two of the Devil Banishers actually do this, in fact.

The Devil Banishers get ready to enact their public execution in Episode 145 of the series, and Asta and the Black Bulls are preparing for a rescue attempt with several other Magic Knight squads. Two of the members lead Vanessa away from the others because her magic can turn fate in her favor, but the real issue comes soon after. The two members, with their job done, declare that this was their mission.

Black Clover Vanessa Shocked
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With their mission to lead Vanessa away done, they pull a vial out of their pockets and smash it on the ground. Erupting in flame, the two Devil Banishers are overcome with flame and turn to ash. These members held so tightly to their ideals that they were willing to end their own lives for it. But then the series goes for one final surprise.

It's revealed that the Devil Banishers aren't trying to kill the Devil, but in fact are trying to summon Devil powers for themselves. It means these two members took their own lives, so that the rest of the group can summon a Devil. It shows just how evil the Devils can be that even the desire for their power can lead to such things.

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If you find yourself with thoughts of self-harm, help is immediately available with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Contact 1-800-273-8255.