New Black Clover Ending to be Performed by Asta's Voice Actor

Black Clover's anime is getting ready to start a new arc and part of it will include the debut of a brand new ending theme performed by Asta's voice actor, Gakuto Kajiwara. When the series first began, one of the most notable moves it made was casting Kajiwara as the voice of Asta although the young actor had no real comparable experience with other projects of its type. This lead to a few rough edges in the beginning, but it's a far cry from that three years later. Kajiwara has done so much growing that the star is now preparing for a music debut.

The official Twitter account for Black Clover's anime confirmed that Gakuto Kajiwara will be performing the 12th ending theme for the series, titled "A Walk." The new ending theme will be airing with Episode 141 of the series on September 1st, and it will debut alongside the new opening theme performed by TOMORROW x TOGETHER.

Episode 141 of the series will kick off a new arc that takes place before the events of the Spade Kingdom arc. Like many of the episodes of the past few weeks, these will focus on that period of training but perhaps might show us more of that actual training in action? Then again, we won't really know for sure until we get the visuals for the new opening and ending as these usually hint at many of the characters, fights, and big events coming in each respective arc. It's part of why each new opening debut is so exciting, but what do you think?

Are you ready for Black Clover's new opening and ending themes? What do you hope to see when they release? Excited to see the anime start off on a brand new arc soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!