Black Clover Cliffhanger Debuts Ichika's Full Power Form

Black Clover has kicked off Asta's final training arc ahead of the final battle of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the series has made things even tougher as his trainer Ichika Yami has revealed an ominous new form fueled by her dark power. With the final arc of the series gearing up for a final war against Lucius Zogratis and his brainwashed divine forces in the coming months, Asta needs to make sure he will be properly ready for the final battle of the series. But to do so, he's going to need to learn to master a new power with Yami's younger sister's help.

While the two of them had begun their training sessions in the previous chapter, it was clear that Ichika has a huge well of power that Asta has been having trouble with. Making matters worse is the fact that Ichika holds a major grudge against her brother for what he did to the rest of her family, and with Asta refusing to believe that they are talking about the same person, Ichika is getting serious. As a result, she unleashes her full power with the Dark Yojutsu: Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior form. 

What Happens in Black Clover Chapter 342? 

Chapter 342 of Black Clover picks up shortly after Ichika tells Asta that her brother was responsible for the massacre of the rest of their clan, and had run to the Clover Kingdom after failing to take responsibility for it. The chapter then sees Ichika explain further that while she had admired her brother and his vision for the future (compared to the rest of the family that seemed to honor strength more than anything), when he was 13 she saw the bloody results of her brother killing the rest of her family. 

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She's been holding this inside for some time, but Asta refuses to believe that this is the same person who has had such a positive impact on his life. Refusing to back down from the idea that Ichika might be mistaken, Ichika decides to get serious and teach him a real lesson by unleashing her full Yojutsu power. This cloaks her in dark samurai like armor, and she won't be holding back on the young mage anymore. Now it's just a matter of seeing how much stronger this form makes her. 

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