Black Clover Reveals Powerful New Yuno Spell

Black Clover's latest arc has been in an intense climactic battle in the manga as the last few chapters have Asta and the others continuing to struggle against the Word Magic of the Devil. Characters like Patry, Licht, and even the revived first Wizard King can't seem to damage Devil no matter what they do, but Asta is not about to give up. That goes double for his rival, Yuno, who has managed to reach a new level of magical power right alongside Asta's big boosts.

Capping off this increase of power from bonding with the Elf soul that was supposed to take over his body, Yuno unleashed a new spell in Chapter 208 of the series. It's a powerful wind sword summoned with the spell, Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Zephyr.

(Photo: Viz Media)

Asta and Yuno's rivalry has been one of the central tenants of the entire series, and that definitely has continued into the latest arc of the series. As Asta and Yuno tried their best against Devil, their strength was pushed to the limits. But this also stirred up their competitive nature as Asta tried to catch up to Yuno by channeling more anti-magic into his sword. But when Asta loses control of it, Yuno teases that he'll never be able to become the Wizard King and forges a sword of his own.


Focusing his wind and channeling the remnants of magic left by the Wizard King's and Licht's attacks, Yuno forges his Spirit of Zephyr. He uses it to carve through a huge mass of Devil's negative magic, and seeing this pushes Asta to fully power up his sword as well. Now with the two of them wielding their strongest swords and spells yet, they will take on Devil together.

Yuki Tabata first created Black Clover for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2015. The popular series follows two young boys named Asta and Yuno who are growing up in a world where magic is everything. Asta, unfortunately, seems to have been born without magical powers while Yuno is a young prodigy whose magical powers rival that of the strongest magic users in the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights. The two young boys now strive to become the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom, The Wizard King. You can currently find the Japanese language version with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and the English language dub can be seen on FunimationNow and Saturday evenings on Adult Swim's Toonami block.