Black Clover Takes Sudden Manga Hiatus

Black Clover's manga has been working through the final arc of the series with its latest chapters, but the manga has announced that it will be taking a sudden hiatus! Following the end of the 170 episode strong anime adaptation last year, fans have been even more intent on following the manga release of the series as it has been our only source of new material for the franchise in the time since. This has been even truer since the start of the final arc of the series overall as each new chapter gets us closer to the end of it all.

Each chapter of the series has been building towards the crucial final battles in the series overall, but it's going to be a little bit of a wait before the next new release. The latest issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced that Black Clover will be taking a hiatus over the next two weeks as series creator Yuki Tabata has come down with a sudden illness. The nature of the illness has not been revealed, but it thankfully does not seem to be that terrible as the manga will be returning shortly. 

When Does Black Clover Chapter 344 Release? 

Chapter 344 of Black Clover will be returning with the November 28th release of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine overseas. So thankfully it doesn't seem like Tabata's illness will be too terrible of a one to get over for now, and hopefully this positive trend continues (without sacrificing more of Tabata's help to do it). As the manga continues to develop the final arc of the series (and is even getting ready for a new Asta fight as of the newest cliffhanger), each new chapter is now tougher to wait for than ever. 

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Asta has been learning a new technique ahead of the final fight against Lucius Zogratis, we have been starting to learn more about Yami's mysterious history, and Lucius is amassing an army of powerful new Paladins, so that means there are many threads that will continue to develop as the manga gets ready for its final war for the fate of humanity. 

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