Toonami Addresses Black Clover Error Following Accidental Edit

Toonami has a lot on its plate these days, and it seems the late-night block is working on a solution for a little Black Clover blip. Last weekend, the program put out a new episode of the anime, but a post-credit scene was accidentally edited from the release. And thanks to an ongoing report, it seems Toonami is looking to correct the issue by revisiting the episode soon.

The whole ordeal popped up last weekend when Black Clover episode 116 was aired. Fans of the show knew this episode was going to be intense from the get-go, and they were spot on. When the episode ended, those who had seen "The Ultimate Natural Enemy" already waited for its post-credit scene to play, but it never came. That is when Toonami Squad reached out to Adult Swim for an answer on what happened.

"We've heard back from Adult Swim PR in regards to the post credit scene missing from this past Saturday's episode of Black Clover on Toonami, On-Air has been alerted to the situation & they're working on getting the streaming version sorted ASAP," Toonami Squad shared before sharing its most recent update.

According to the site, "Adult Swim On-Air and Digital are still working on the exact timing for release of the updated version of Black Clover episode 116 that includes the missing scene." For now, the official Facebook page for Toonami has uploaded the post-credit scene for fans to watch. So if you were waiting to check out the clip dubbed, you can watch it here. That can tide you over until the full episode is released down the line.

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