Black Clover Cosplay Casts a Spell With Vanessa

One magical Black Clover cosplay is truly casting a spell with Vanessa Enoteca! Black Clover's anime might have ended its run earlier this year, but it came to an end with an impressive 170 episode run that fans can't wait to see more of some day. Much of the excitement for the series is focused on its extended cast of characters that fill the Black Bulls squad. The series might be focused on Asta and Yuno's respective journeys, but as Asta continues working with the Black Bulls even more complicated characters started to reveal themselves. 

The Black Bulls are a squad made of misfits that fans have seen grow from the bottom tier to the kingdom saving group that they are in the manga's current run, and each member of the group has had some notable moments in the series all their own. This is especially true for Vanessa Enoteca, who ended up having a pivotal arc in the series that kicked off a series of greater devil infused transformations for Asta going forward. She's cast a spell on fans, and now artist @bvimermaid on Instagram is doing the same with some magically awesome cosplay bringing the witch to life! Check it out below: 

Vanessa has gone through a good deal of growth (which is especially true for her fate altering magic), but she is only one key part of the greater Black Bulls puzzle. As Asta continues to strive forward for his dreams at any cost, his determination has had a major impact on those around him. His squad was filled with lazy losers who were not all that interested in doing their part for the Clover Kingdom before (as the lowest ranked squad), but seeing Asta fight as hard as he does got them all to fight with their all as well. 

The anime might be over, but Black Clover's manga is continuing on a weekly basis. There's still some new anime to look forward to, however, as it will be coming back with its debut feature film. There have yet to be a release date, window, story, or production details announced for this new movie but it's been confirmed to be in the works. What do you think? How have you liked seeing Vanessa and the other Black Bulls growing through the series as a whole? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!