Black Clover Cliffhanger Finally Gives Fans a Black Bulls Reunion

Black Clover finally gave fans a Black Bulls reunion with the cliffhanger from its newest chapter! The Black Bulls have had a rough few days within the series as not only have they spent the better part of a year separated across multiple kingdoms (while its only been less than a week for them), but things have only gotten worse now that the Spade Kingdom Raid arc has reached its climax. Although they have managed to defeat all three members of the Dark Triad, it was revealed that Yami and Vangeance are still very much in trouble from the Advent of Qliphoth ritual. 

Now that most of the foes have been taken out, the Black Bulls have turned their attention to the core of the ritual and are now doing their best to save their Captain. Kicking off from the last chapter when Henry and a few of the Black Bulls had crashed their home base into the Spade Kingdom castle, the newest chapter of the series kicks things up a notch as the full Black Bulls squad roster has finally all gathered in one place after spending the first half of the fight completely separated. 

Chapter 312 of the series sees that Grey and the other Black Bulls have trained in their abilities enough to knock Moris off of his game long enough to create an opening. Although Moris also has access to the gravity magic from Lucifero, each of their tricks works enough in tandem to take care of the new devil host. While Moris was trying to bring himself back up to speed, the Black Bulls all end up reuniting with one another and it's immediately clear how each of them had missed each other within the long gap. 

The final moments of the chapter gathers all of the Black Bulls in one place for the first time in quite a long time, and it's clear that this is the best chance they'll have in stopping the Advent of Qliphoth and saving their captain before he loses his life. Fans have seen the Black Bulls breaking through miracles when they all work together, so it is definitely exciting to see how the fight could go from here. 

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