'Bleach' Creator Shares An Emotional Thanks With Fans

It’s been more than a year since Bleach came to an end, but Tite Kubo has kept the franchise alive despite its close. The manga artist told fans last year he was still searching for a fan who had sent him a very touching letter. And, not long ago, Kubo revealed he finally found what he’s been looking for.

Over on Twitter, the creator of Bleach surprised fans with a series of tweets. Kubo sent a message to his followers confirming he had gotten in touch with someone who knew person who sent the artist his special letter.

“In early November, I got in touch with the sender of the letter a year since I put out a call on Twitter,” Kubo said, referring to his past plea.

(Photo: Twitter / Tite Kubo )

“I thought that the sender of the letter was a family member, but he was a friend who was hospitalized in the same hospital as the boy,” Kubo revealed. “I got a detailed explanation from the friend, and I wanted to say something.”

Continuing, Kubo thanked all of his fans for helping him settle his emotional case. “Many people help spread information, and I was able to settle this matter. I think that I will stop asking for help now. To everyone who gave your support, thank you very much.”

The final message was shared alongside a picture of Ichigo which Kubo drew in thanks. The Soul Reaper can be seen smiling in his black robes, and fans are saying they were happy to help the artist out.

If you are not familiar with Kubo’s lengthy search, then you should it began last year. The artist took to Twitter to ask for help in finding a fan who sent him a letter about Bleach.

The letter was written by an anonymous child who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The kid, who hated watching TV or playing video games, turned to manga after being bedridden - and it was there he discovered Bleach. The boy wrote to Kubo to tell him that Bleach is what kept him going. The message ended with the boy saying his letter would be sent after his death, meaning the child had already passed. Kubo shared the boy’s last words to him which were, “Kubo-sensei, I have one final request. Please draw Bleach the way you want to draw it, right until its conclusion. That’s what I want to read.”


After receiving the letter, Kubo said he gained the strength to finish Bleach the way he wanted. The artist then asked for fans' help in finding the family of the boy so he could thank them, and it seems like Kubo has now gotten that wish granted.

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