This ‘Bleach’ Fan-Animation Is Better Than The Actual Anime

It has been sometime since Bleach came to an end, but the fandom has not let the series go. Tite Kubo saw the show end before it could fully adapt his bestselling manga, but one team has made it their mission to finish his vision out.

So, if you want to see Byakuya's best battle in its anime glory, then you have Retro Ryno to thank.

Over on Youtube, the animation channel shared a long-awaited video that has Bleach fans freaking out. The fan-video brings Byuakuy's fight with Nodt to life, and the project looks better than some of the actual anime does.

The animation reel nails the fluid action sequences which Bleach is known for, and its designs match up with what Kubo penned years ago. The 5-minute video follows Byakuya after the Soul Reaper gets his Bankai stolen by Nodt, and Renji even makes a surprise appearance. The Vice Captain tries to move Nodt's focus away from Byuakuya, but Renji is ultimately wrecked by another who arrives on the scene.

If you are not familiar with this particular battle, then it is probably because it was only seen in the manga. After all, Byuakuya's fought against Nodt in the 'Thousand-Year Blood War' arc. The story was the final one Bleach tackled before its manga ended, and this fan-project captures how bloody is got.

By the time the arc ended, major characters like Unohana were slain, and many more shed serious blood. Byuakuya's fight with Nodt had convinced readers the Soul Reaper had died as well, but the man did make a recovery after being sent to the Soul Palace. His treatment was a very difficult one, and this reel shows why. Bleach's official anime was careful with its gore, but this fan-animation went all out to show the damage which Nodt inflicted. At one point, you can see Byakuya's exposed rib cage after he takes a blow, and fans are nothing short of impressed.

If you want to support Retro Ryno, you can check out the team's Patreon and Twitter accounts now!


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