Bleach: This 'Thousand-Year Blood War' Fan-Anime Is What Fans Have Wished For

Bleach may be over, but fans are not willing to give up on the series just yet. Tite Kubo never got to see his manga's final arc make it to television, leaving the fan-favorite 'Thousand-Year Blood War' arc to go untouched for years. Now, one community of fans is teaming up to animate the bloody story, and its trailer will leave you speechless.

Taking to Youtube, Animix shared its second trailer for its Bleach fan-animation project. The lengthy video, which can be seen above, explains the initiative before fans get a look at Bleach's would-be comeback.

The clip begins with Yhwach, the central villain of the final manga arc. Animix cast voice actors to do dialogue for more than a dozen characters, and their Japanese delivery sounds impeccable. As the clip moves forward, characters like Captain Yamamoto are shown with his Lieutenant, but fans are given a real sense of dread when Izuru gets wounded.

At the story's beginning, the arc shows Izuru as the Soul Reaper goes to investigate some strange Reishi in the Soul Society with several hundred soldiers. The mission goes south with Bazz-B appears, and the Sternritter rips off Izuru's arm before slaughtering a thousand Soul Reapers in under ten minutes.

As the trailer winds down, fans are shown Rukia as the Soul Reaper navigates through the Soul Society, and Ichigo makes his due appearances as well. The fighter is seen facing off with Quilge Opie, and Ichigo looks like he was not prepared for the Quincy to fight so brutally. Fans are also given glimpses of Ichigo's mother doing Quincy work when she was still alive, and the trailer even has a bonus scene featuring Grimmjow at the very end.


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