'Bleach' Game Animates Bankai for Kenpachi, Unohana, and More

Fans of Bleach are still bitter about the anime’s early end, but all is not lost for those diehard otakus. Thanks to one game, some top-tier Soul Reaper captains got their Bankai animated. So, it is probably time you downloaded Bleach: Brave Souls.

Shortly before the holidays, the team behind the Bleach app went live with a holiday stream. It was there the game confirmed it would be adding new abilities to three familiar characters. Kenpachi, Unohana, and Yachiru will soon be able to display their Bankai in-game, and Bleach: Brave Souls gave a preview of the attacks.

As you can see above, the Bankai Live Holiday Special kicked off its preview at 1:54:04. The clip starts with Kenpachi and Unohana as they head into battle with one another. The animation itself begins with Yachiru as the Vice Captain prepares her attack. In the manga, Yachiru doesn’t learn her Bankai, but fans are shown her Special Shikai skill.

The reel animates the attack as Yachira summons two creatures who fight alongside her. The duel-sided attack makes the Shikai nearly impossible to evade, and Yachiru named her two comrades Lumpy and Boney because of their appearances.

As for Kenpachi, his Bankai is a rather terrifying one. When the captain unlocks his full power, Kenpachi turns into a very little devil. The move has no special name, but fans know it is powerful. The Bankai makes Kenpachi’s blade look more like a meat cleaver than anything, and his demonic appearance compliments the huge power-up the Bankai opens up.

Unohana’s Bankai also looks like it is something from a nightmare. Anime fans may have known the captain to be a quiet one, but Bleach did reveal the true darkness lying behind the healer. While much of Unohana’s power remains a mystery, her Bankai involved her blade spewing never-ending rivers of blood, and the animation does not shy away from that gore.


These three Soul Reapers are not the only ones Bleach: Brave Souls has brought in from the manga. In the past, fighters like Komamaru and Hitsugaya had their 'Thousand-Year Blood War' personas carried into the game.

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