Bleach Producer Drops Update on the Show's Production Schedule

It is hard to believe that Bleach went off the air nearly a decade ago. Time has made the fandom's heart grow fonder, and soon, netizens will be reunited with Ichigo Kurosaki thanks to an anime comeback. The team at Studio Pierrot is working on the IP's newest anime with creator Tite Kubo. And recently, the producers behind Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War opened up about the show's production schedule. 

The conversation comes from Viz Media as the publisher was able to speak with director Tomohisa Taguchi and producer Yoshihiro Tominaga about their big project. It was there the pair were asked how the new series is doing behind the scenes. And as most fans guessed, Bleach is a bit behind but for one very good reason.

"To quote a famous animation director, of course – were falling behind schedule [but add] a LOL to the end. Jokes aside, we're behind due to our efforts to up the quality of the show, but it will be finished. I hope everyone can sit tight a bit longer. Don't worry, director Taguchi will take care of the rest," Tominaga shared.

"This tends to happen. Everyone involved wants to create a good show! I believe the schedule is being pushed out for a good reason. That's where we're at right now. We're all working with high hopes. So yes, we are running behind, but we will be sure to deliver."

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After watching these executives share their love for Bleach, it is clear they have the anime's best interest in heart, and that is music to fans' ears. Right now, the show is slated to return to televisions this fall, so anime lovers can look forward to a stack season come October. And most importantly, it won't be much longer before they are reunited with Ichigo and his legendary BANKAI!