Bleach Creator Details Involvement With New Anime's Production

Bleach is gearing up for its full comeback to anime later this Fall, and the original creator behind the series has opened up about how involved he is with the new anime's production! Bleach's original anime run was cut short before it could adapt the final arc of Tite Kubo's original manga, and thus seeing the Thousand-Year Blood War in its full form has been something fans have been asking to see ever since. With the anime's new production kicking into high gear with its intended launch this Fall. the creator has begun talking to fans about what to expect from its new release.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War recently made a big showing during Anime Expo earlier this month, and in a special interview with Viz Media for the situation, original series creator Tite Kubo explained that he's actually very involved with the anime's production for this new series. In fact as he details his involvement, he's close in "every step" of the project's process and adding input whenever its needed for the final project and whenever possible. That means it's being done with as much care as possible ahead of its final release. 

(Photo: Viz Media)

"I think it's safe to say I'm involved in every step of the process," Kubo began. "Usually, I'm not one for sticking my nose too far into other adaptations. It kind of feels like I'm taking jobs away from their side. But this time around, I think my involvement, my input will contribute to the fans' enjoyment, so I'm helping out whenever possible. But the director [Tomohisa Taniguchi] and scenario writer [Masaki] Hiramatsu both have a deep understanding of the series. Thanks to them, my job has been incredibly smooth sailing." 

So Kubo is very much involved with Bleach's new anime as it gears up for its release, and previously noted that he has also gone as far as introducing new elements and materials that didn't make the manga's original cut that could make it into the final production. This means that it's very likely that it will meet the expectations of fans waiting several years for the final arc, and thankfully it won't be too much longer to see it it all lands. 

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