Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Shares First Look at Winter Finale

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is at the top of its game right now, and season one has been hot since it dropped back in October. After years of waiting, Studio Pierrot brought Ichigo back to the screen this year, and it left fans feeling a certain type of emotional. Now, the anime is about to run into its winter finale, and Bleach just gave us a look at what's in store.

The update for episode 12 went live earlier today thanks to the anime's official website, and it shows what the one-hour finale will get into. Isshin and Masaki will be center stage as they were this week when episode 11 dropped. "Everything But the Rain" kickstarted an important flashback this week with Ichigo as the hero needed to know more about his origins. And soon, more details about his bloodline will come to light.

As you can see above, the stills for the winter finale are pretty intense. We are still in the flashback as Isshin looks incredibly young here, and his expression is rather terse. It no doubt has to do with Masaki's condition as a Hollow hole is seen coming from her breast. Others like Urahara also appear in this new set of stills. So of course, fans can expect a lot to go down in this double-feature finale.

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If you are not caught up with Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, you still have time to brush up on the anime. The show is streaming exclusively on Hulu in the United States while international markets are overseen by Disney+. Currently, the show's winter finale is slated to drop on December 26th, and there are three more cours to go before Bleach wraps its comeback. 

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