Boruto Screenwriter Teases a "Major Incident" for Team 7

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime is into the big "Kara Arc" from the manga, which has proven to be a major game-changer for the entire Naruto Saga. In that sense, it's no surprise to hear one of the Boruto screenwriters teasing fans with a "major incident" for Team 7. Since the Boruto anime has diverged so much from the manga storyline, fans will get some new kind of peril that Boruto and his Team 7 teammates (Mitsuki, Sarada) will find themselves in, when facing Kara or its associates. Given the reach of Kara's evil, it doesn't bode well for Boruto and co.

The Kara group has proven to be one of the most lethal threats that Naruto, Boruto, and co. have ever faced. The manga story arc has revealed that Kara has significant resources in terms of modern technological enhancements, as well as ties to some of the oldest powers in the Shinobi world. So when you hear that Team 7 could be involved in a "major incident" regarding Kara, they aren't exaggerating.

Recent Boruto teasers have added the reveals that Team 7 is on the hunt for the researcher with intel on Kara, that Sasuke and Sai learned about. The teaser images for the episode that one member of Team 7 (Mitsuki) could end up in serious peril - marking the very "incident" being referenced:

"Boruto and the team finally find the missing researcher. Despite his resistance, the team is determined to take him back safely to their client.”


Knowing how the Kara Arc plays out in the manga (and its big reveals), we can safely say that one advantage the Boruto anime has is having laid much more significant groundwork for the story to expand its focus, and deliver some much deeper payoff than what the exposition-heavy manga has done. That bigger story looks like it could really kick off with this incident involving Team 7 - and whatever may happen to Mitsuki.

Boruto's anime has resumed airing new episodes.