Boruto Promo Teases a Naruto Nostalgia Bomb Is Coming

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing that an upcoming episode will hit longtime Naruto series fans with a serious dose of ninja nostalgia. The latest promo image for the Boruto anime shows a mysterious hand holding up an old photo from the original Naruto series, featuring kid Naruto with his Team 7 buddies Sasuke, Sakura and their sensei Kakashi Hatake. The image is a now-classic piece of Naruto iconography, and its appearance in this current arc of the Boruto anime is certainly designed to be a nostalgia bomb that's about to explode all over fans' hearts. 

This old Team 7 photo will make an appearance in the upcoming Boruto episode 227, "Team 7's Last mission?!" which will air this week. Naruto fans have been quick to jump in and dissect the scene being shown, in order to pick out some key details: 

First, there's a second photo in this teaser image which makes it clear that the scene is set in the Uchiha household. That leads a lot of fans to believe that it is either Sauske, Sakura, or their daughter Sarada holding the photo of Team 7 Kakashi; however, it could just as easily be Naruto dropping by for a visit and coming across his old friend Sasuke's old photo of their team. Fans go pretty deep in their examinations, detailing everything from markings on Naruto's right hand to the color shading of both Sasuke and Naruto's skin. In the end, we know this is taking place in the Uchiha house, but have no firm answer about who taking in this blast from the past. Although, since Sasuke wears a glove on his hand, we can probably rule him out...

Looking back out Team 7 Kakashi's happier days is going to be especially poignant for the characters of Naruto right now, given all they've just gone through. The fight against Isshiki Otsutuski has left both Naruto and Sasuke significantly de-powered (no more Nine-Tails, no more Rinnegan), and let Hidden Leaf exposed at a time when even more powerful enemies are gathering in the shadows, waiting to strike. What the village needs now is its younger generation to step up their skills and be ready to truly become the next generation of shinobi protectors; so it won't be a surprise if one of those kids (Sarada) is suddenly looking back at the heroes of the past for inspiration. 

New episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations stream weekly on Funimation and Hulu.