Boruto Reveals Surprising Fact About Naruto's Hokage Skills

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime followed-up it's adaptation of the Mujina Bandits Arc with a standalone episode about Sarada's attempt to train in medical Ninjutsu. Sasuke's daughter wants to live up to the legacy of her mother, Sakura, in this case, but she doesn't have the knack for it at all. Through an escalating series of events in her medical jutsu class, Sarada ends up winning so much attention and favor that even the Hokage himself comes down to see what the prodigy in action. It's during Naruto's visit that we get a nice look into his character, and learn get a surprising confession from the hero!

Warning - Boruto anime episode 152 SPOILERS Follow!

Through a series of (silly) mishaps, Sarada manages to fool her medical jutsu class (and even herself) into thinking that's she's actually passing the series of tests her mother is issuing to the class. However, when Boruto shows up, everything gets more chaotic, and Sarada's attempt to come clean turns into a full-blown advertisement of her medical jutsu ability. That's when Sakura has Naruto himself (along with Shikamaru) come down to the class to observe.

As you might expect with this kind of kid-friendly tale about the importance of truth and honesty, Sarada's whole deception blows up in her face, when she literally flash-fries the fish-shaped training dummy she's supposed to be healing. Being an honorable ninja, Sarada confesses to everyone, and apologizes to her mother and idol in shame. However, Naruto reveals that he was never good at medical ninjutsu, either; more importantly, Naruto confesses that he has "more weaknesses than strengths" when it comes to being hokage!

Longtime Naruto fans know every single moment of the prior series that statement from the hero references, as we watched Young Naruto and Teen Naruto struggle and stumble through all kinds of jutsu training that made him the heroic and world-saving shinobi that he is. What's even better about this scene in Boruto is how Naruto's son and other friends all confirm the truth in Naruto's words. After all, Naruto's greatest strength was the way he won over countless people who either never had faith in him at first, or were his outright rivals (Sasuke). The bonds Naruto formed allowed him the strength to rise up and become the realm's greatest protector - in other words, he relied on the strength of his friends - and still does as Hokage.


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