'Boruto' Just Showcased One of the Best Naruto and Sasuke Fights Ever

Naruto fans are going nuts over the fight scene in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Thursday's episode of Boruto, "Father and Child," pitted Naruto and Sasuke against Momoshiki, in a god-like battle unlike anything in the series' long history. Fans were ecstatic to see Sasuke and Naruto on the same side of a massive battle, with all their jutsu on full display.

Without even considering the triumphant emotional peak represented in the fight, it is just a stunning visual sequence. The animation reaches new heights as the three shinobi chuck each other around the stump of the severed God Tree.

In one stunning sequence, Sasuke throws a fuma shuriken at Momoshiki, which multiply in mid-air. The last one bursts through the ground and nearly hits him, and then it transforms into Naruto in mid-air. Naruto, in turn, throws a Rasenshuriken at Momoshiki, but at the last second that turns into Sasuke. Momoshiki binds Sasuke in bright red chains, and then Sasuke switches places with him, allowing Naruto to deliver a devastating punch.. Of course, Momshiki breaks free a moment later.

All in all, the fight scene dominates nearly a quarter the episode's run-time. There is very little filler diluting the action, and fans could not believe how good the high-stakes brawl was.

"BEST ANIMATED FIGHT EVER. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki," tweeted one person.

"Smh and people will swear up and down that DBZ has better fight scenes than Naruto/Boruto," added another.

"The throwback to Naruto and Sasuke doing the shuriken clone jutsu," marveled a third. "Ugh, this anime will always be in my heart. Such an amazing fight."

As always, there were those online who saw the viral clip as an opportunity to denounce Boruto again, criticizing the series and writing that it is not as good as the original.

"When the best thing about Boruto, is a fight between characters from Naruto, you know something is wrong," one person wrote.

"Lmfao n—s gonna be deceived by that Naruto and Sasuke fight against Momoshiki and start watching Boruto only to be disappointed," added another. "My condolences."

Even days after it aired, the episode dominated the conversation on social media, where fans picked apart every detail.

"Did anyone notice? Naruto uses Earth style to create a earth wall in front of Boruto a second before jumping into the fight," one person pointed out. "That's so cool that they added it cause *spoilers.* He used earth style in the manga later on."


Boruto airs on Thursdays at 6 a.m. on TV Tokyo. It is available to stream on Hulu and CrunchyRoll.