'Boruto' Reveals That SPOILER May Not be Dead After All

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just wrapped major story arc with episode 65, which saw Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke engage in a final battle with god-like villain, Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The battle was one of the most furious that we've seen in the Naruto saga, and when it was done, Boruto and Naruto united to create a massive Rasengan, which Boruto then hurled at Momoshiki, destroying the villain for good.

...Or so we thought.

Boruto 65 Momoshiki Prophecy Prediction Adult Boruto

In the epilogue of Boruto epiosde 65, "Father and Child", Boruto is transported into a strange metaphysical plane, where he is greeted by none other than Momoshiki Otsutsuki. We later learn that this meeting of the minds is occurring at the exact moment that Momoshiki's body is being destroyed by the Rasengan. In the moment of his destruction, the evil Otsutsuki wants to reflect on who it was that bested him, and uses his powerful Rinnegan to look into Boruto's soul, making the following prophecy about Boruto's pivotal future:

"Now I understand... You have strongly inherited the power of the Otsutsuki. However, you are still inexperienced. You cannot see through you own destiny... I can see your destiny very clearly. Beware. Those blue eyes shall eventually... take everything from you! And know this... Those who defeat gods cannot remain ordinary individuals. Reflect well upon they fate... as you proceed in life... human child."

After that, Momoshiki's form fades away from the metaphysical plane, and we're transported back into the physical plane, where Boruto's Rasengan attack hits with a massive impact erasing all trace of Momoshiki. However, between everything Boruto has shown us before, and this latest strange exchange with Momoshiki, it seems that Boruto may not be rid of the Otsutsuki clan like he hopes to be.

It's been been teased throughout the Boruto anime series that Naruto's son has greater potential than any shinobi before him - and that the Earth shinobi (through Boruto) would one day become more powerful than the Otsutsuki Clan. During the "Academy Entrance Arc" Toneri Otstusuki was in contact with Boruto through a dreamspace, much in the same way Momoshiki makes contact. Toneri also predicted that Boruto's ability - specifically his blue Jogan eye - would one day force him to should the fate of the world. Whatever the reason, Boruto seems more closely connected to the Otsutsuki power than anyone else, and this initial scene of Momoshiki being able to traverse the span of death to speak with Boruto may be something we see recur at a key point in the future.

So the question when it comes to the Otsutsuki still remains: how dead is dead, really?


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