Boruto Darkens with a Tense Hostage Crisis

Boruto and the rest of Team 7 recently just ended a fierce fight with one of the members of Kara, [...]

Boruto and the rest of Team 7 recently just ended a fierce fight with one of the members of Kara, but as fans saw in the latest chapter it's just one tense situation after another when it comes to Kara. Even when it was revealed that another member of the group wants to be a traitor when it comes to what the rest of the group wants, they are still just as much of a threat even when it seems like they want to do the right thing. The latest chapter of the series saw all of this coalesce into one intense hostage situation.

Chapter 44 of the series saw the Kara scientist Amado head to the Hidden Leaf Village in the attempt to officially defect from the group. But to get Shikamaru's attention, Amado heads into the forest and ends up taking Shikadai hostage and puts him in an explosive collar that he could set off with just a single word.

When Amado arrives in the village he asks Shikadai to speak with his father, Shikadai tries to bind him with his shadow jutsu. This soon fails as Amado uses a scientific ninja tool that knocks him off his balance with a sound, and Amado then is able to counter Shikadai's jutsu to use it to bind Shikadai instead. He then injects him with some sort of solution to knock him out, and puts the collar on him.

Wanting to speak with Shikamaru, he keeps Shikadai at his side and reveals that the collar will explode whether or not he can physically activate it. It only needs to hear him say a certain keyword to blow up, and him dying will only make it explode too. This was all in the effort to speak to Shikamaru (because he didn't know Naruto was able to escape Jigen's dimension) and reveal that he'll exchange crucial information in order to properly defect to Konoha.

It goes to show that every member of Kara is completely dangerous in all kinds of unexpected ways, and Amado is going to be one of their toughest enemies should Naruto refuse to accept this offer. As of now, Shikadai's life is on the line. But even if they accept his offer, Amado still might be planning something far worse than he ever would have done with Kara.

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