Wait, Boruto Hasn't Adapted a Manga Arc in How Long?

Boruto hasn't been around as long as some other series, but its history with fans could outpace plenty of its peers. The sequel had a lot to live up to from the start, and it has Naruto to thank for that. The former anime stands as one of anime's biggest to date, so Boruto needed to do a lot to impress. Still, its anime has been wishy washy with fans, and it might be because the show hasn't visited a manga arc in - well - a really long time.

For those who are not caught up on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the show is about to cross a major milestone. There are almost 150 episodes under its belt, but many of them have been original content. With the manga on a monthly schedule, there aren't as many stories to draw from, and that explains why Boruto hasn't adapted such a story in well over a year.

Yes, you did read that right. It has been over a year since Boruto went live with a manga arc, and fans admit it's hard to accept it has been that long.

If you go back to July 2018, Boruto put out episode 66, and it brought a familiar story to an end. The show wrapped its adaptation of Boruto: Naruto The Movie with this episode. Fans agree this arc is one of the strongest which the anime has tackled, but it has been courting filler content since. Still, some of these stories have been reviewed well by fans, but it has taken more than a year for the show to tackle another arc.

When Boruto returns for its next episode, the anime will take care of the manga once more. The series is prepared to dive into the Mujina Bandits arc for real, so fans can expect some fast-paced action to kick in once Shojoji arrives.


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