Naruto Promo May Share First-Look at a New Rasengan

Following their defeat at the hands of the Kara Organization, Team 7 is taking the chance to lick their wounds as well as train to strengthen their chakra and learn some new techniques for the re-match, and a preview might have given us our first look at a new Rasengan that Boruto has learned. With preview teasing that Boruto would learn this new attack under the tutelage of Kakashi, the copy cat ninja who also was the sixth Hokage of Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village, fans are excitedly waiting to see if the son of Naruto will learn a devastating new technique!

Boruto himself has managed to learn a number of techniques that his father had made famous when the series began, including the likes of Shadow Clone Jutsu and the aforementioned Rasengan. Unlike his father however, who was struggling with the village hating him as a result of the nine tailed fox that resided within his body, Boruto has been working to uncover the mystery behind the Karma power up that has infected his body. While the energy has been explored in the manga, anime fans are still a number of episodes away from seeing what this energy exactly is and how it will affect the son of the Seventh Hokage moving forward!

Twitter User Abdul_S17 posted an image from a preview for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 170, showing what might be the creation of a new Rasengan by Boruto during his training with Kakashi, which would definitely come in handy when it comes to the eventual re-match with Deepa and the other members of Kara:

Kakashi himself has never created a Rasengan on his own, which has many believing that this new attack by Boruto might in fact be a combination of the wind assault with that of the Chidori, Kakashi's standard electrical attack that he has used a number of times to take down enemies. Though the copy cat ninja isn't as front and center as he was in the previous two anime series, it's clear that he's still one of the strongest ninja currently residing within the Hidden Leaf Village!

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