Boruto Reveals Ao's Most Dangerous Weapon in New Battle

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has dived in feet first into the "Vessel Arc", the story that introduces the ninja world to the enigmatic Kawaki and the rest of the Kara Organization, but it seems as if Team 7 has a new challenge to deal with outside of these forces as Ao unveils a terrifying new weapon for the Hidden Leaf Village! The weaponry of the Ninja World is understandably related to the hidden arts of the warriors within it, so introducing Ao with his insane new weaponry has certainly shown how different the challenges facing the new generation of ninja are.

Ao was originally one of the members of the Hidden Mist Village who performed a number of insane actions in order to protect the members of his town from exterior threats. Helping out the denizens of the village during the Fourth Ninja World War, he paid a heavy toll as a result of his aid against the Ten-Tails that was unleashed by the members of the Akatsuki. Rehabilitated thanks in part to scientific equipment, he recently returned when Konoha was mourning their dead years following the conclusion of the Fourth Ninja World War while harboring a dark secret. Now proving his allegiance to the Kara Organization, Ao unleashes one of his most powerful weapons and has caused quite the headache for Team 7 in his latest appearance.

Boruto Ao Weapon
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Following their respective training at the hands of Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto, Team 7 has raised their skill level following their initial catastrophic confrontation against the Kara Organization members of Victor and Deepa. With the Vessel Arc giving us a much better understanding as to the huge threat of Kara, Ao unleashing a gattling gun against Team 7 and other members of the Hidden Leaf just went to show how technologically advance Kara is.

Ao's changing of allegiance is a tragic one, but it makes for some interesting storytelling to be sure as the Vessel Arc manages to combine the new threat of Kara with sins of the Hidden Leaf Village's past in attempting to pick up the pieces from the Fourth Ninja World War!


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