Boruto Gets Emotional with an Important Lesson from Naruto

When it comes to fatherhood, there are plenty of fathers who get flak from fans, but there are others who go above to show their families the best in life. Despite all the jokes to the contrary, Naruto Uzumaki turned out to be one of these parents. Over the last few years, Naruto has proved himself to be an excellent father, and the anime just cemented his paternal nature with a surprisingly emotional scene.

The whole thing went forward with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations this week. The anime put out a new episode, and it was there fans met up with Kawaki. The boy was tasked with a mission by Boruto after upsetting Himawari, but things went haywire when a simple moment sent Kawaki into a PTSD episode.

boruto naruto
(Photo: Pierrot)

The moment was shocking as Kawaki zoned out in the middle of Ino's flower shop. The boy was thrown back to his time as an experiment under Jigen, and Kawaki saw visions of blood and wires. It was Naruto who grounded Kawaki with a gentle hug, and he assured the boy he was safe at last.

As the Boruto episode continued, Naruto solidified his paternal side as he helped Kawaki learn about friendship. After living his life on the edge, the boy is beginning to learn what it means to be human after being treated like a vessel for so long. Naruto is determined to help Kawaki see that side of himself at last, and his empathetic treatment of Kawaki has cemented his reputation as the Hidden Leaf's best dad.

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