'Boruto' Is About To Show How Similar Its Hero Is To Naruto

Boruto has made strides in differentiating himself from his father, but you can't take Naruto away from his son. The blonde ninjas may not want to admit it, but they share more than just familial resemblance. And, if Boruto has anything to say about it, fans will learn just how similar the pair are this week.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set to air its 36th episode this week. The anime will follow Boruto and his class as they undergo their graduation exam for the Ninja Academy. However, Boruto will show his true colors when he is tasked with stealing Kakashi's prized bells from the man himself.

In the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, fans were given a new synopsis for Boruto's next episode. Fan-translators were quick to turn the description around, and you can read up on the telling summary below:

"Final practical test is 'Grab The Bell!' To pass the exam, students need to take the bell from Kakashi within the day! Boruto and his friends know that there is only one bell, so in order to win, they pursue Kakashi in the forest! But other teachers stand in their way. Will Boruto be able to grasp the lesson teachers are trying to team them?!"

According to the scan, Boruto will wind up leaving his friends behind to pursue Kakashi further into the forest. The anime's preview for the episode also sees Boruto call the exam a "piece of cake" as he rushes after the Sixth Hokage. That plan, as you may have expected, will not go over so well for Kakashi. Just ask Naruto how that worked out for him.


Back in the original Naruto anime, fans watched as the orange-clad ninja treated his final exam similarly. The boy thought fighting Kakashi would be a piece of cake, and he was willing to blindly go after the jounin without any plan to start. Boruto is making it look like Naruto's son will take after him in that respect, but the anime has worked hard to show Boruto's genius. The new hero may treat the exam as lightly as Naruto did, but fans are willing to bet Boruto has plan waiting in the wings. Audiences are looking forward to the boy's big plans, and Kakashi may just pass Boruto if he does well enough.

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