Kakashi Got Savage In 'Boruto's Latest Episode

Fans of Naruto know Hatake Kakashi isn't as chill as he may appear. The ninja may give off a lazy vibe thanks to his slouched posture, but Kakashi is one of the Leaf Village's strongest fighters. Don't agree? Just watch the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. You will find out why Naruto still respects his teacher if you do.

Boruto shared its 37th episode this week, and fans were taken aback by how metal Kakashi got. The release started off with the Sixth Hokage as he held down Boruto during his Academy graduation exam. Unable to break free, Boruto was left vulnerable to attacks, but Kakashi told the boy how he could escape his hold.

"Do you want me to tell you how to get out of his situation," Kakashi asked. "You have to break your own arm."

Boruto wasn't a fan of that option, and he almost failed the exam outright because of Kakashi's brutal takedown. When the elder went to take Boruto's headband, the boy was saved thanks to his fellow classmates. Mitsuki and Iwabee managed to break Boruto free, and the pair retreated with the boy to a safe location.

As the episode continued, Kakashi and his jounin guards got real with their assaults on the students. Konohamaru and Anko wanted to show the kids that being a ninja was all about survival, and the students eventually got the drift. By the episode's end, Kakashi was willing to fight Boruto and his friends a bit more seriously once they showed they had the resolve needed to become ninjas.


By the episode's end, Boruto was given a pass from the Academy along with his class. The students will now begin their ninja journey in earnest, and their clash with Kakashi taught them much. The grey-haired hero grew up in a time where there was no peace and ninja were the only thing keeping the Leaf Village safe. Boruto's generation may not be familiar with war, but they can learn from their elders. So, when things get dicey in the future, Boruto will do well to remember this lesson which Kakashi taught him.

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