Boruto Writer Confirms Major Detail About New Kara Arc

Fans have been waiting for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to get with the program, and it did this past week after diving into the manga's Kara arcs. It took more than 100 episodes to get to this point, but the anime promises its ready to dive into the main plotline at long last. Of course, audiences are happy to see this change of pace, and the writer behind Boruto has a very important update about the arc.

Recently, manga readers reached out to Boruto's head screenwriter after the Kara arc hit the TV this weekend. It was there they asked Honda Masaya whether the Kara arc will include the manga's Ao arc as the two were separated in print. And according to Masaya, the two arcs will be rolled into one for the anime.

"The 'AO arc' is part of the 'Kara arc'," the writer assured one fan on Twitter.

As you can imagine, fans are glad to hear AO will still come into play in the TV show. There is really no good way for the anime to avoid the story. With the Kara arc just starting, fans are being introduced to the organization as a whole along with its key members. The AO arc will follow suit as it brings Boruto in direct contact with the group, and that is not all. It is AO who helps introduce Kawaki to the group, and fans know the boy has a major role in this series. If the first episode of Boruto did not clue you in on that, then the manga has done it in spades already.


For now, fans will have to wait on the timing of these combined arcs, but the Kara arc has already begun. The Hidden Leaf Village cannot turn back from the path it is on now, so here's to hoping Naruto and his ranks can stop Kara much like they did the Akatsuki.

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