Boruto's Next Manga Volume Gets Delayed Due to the Pandemic

The world of anime and manga has not been unaffected by the ravages of the pandemic of the CoronaVirus and it seems as if the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha is not immune either as the next chapter of the Boruto: Next Generations installment has been delayed. While the delay is only around two weeks, it's clear that the pandemic is certainly throwing a monkey wrench into the production of this fan favorite series as the war heats up between the ninjas of Konoha and the Kara Organization that are attempting to strive toward their mysterious goals!

The CoronaVirus has caused a number of anime events to be canceled in its wake such as Anime Japan, with many franchises and companies having to release news items via social media and the internet in general in order to raise awareness among fans. Both anime and manga series have also seen some delays, with the story of Team 7 just being the latest casualty. As a civil war between the members of the Kara Organization bubble to the surface, it's clear a delay could not come at a worse time for fans who are frantically looking to see where this latest storyline goes!

Twitter User SpirallingSphe2 shared the news that the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' manga will be delayed from its original release of May 1st to May 13th thanks in part to the pandemic that is affecting nearly all the different industries, entertainment or otherwise, around the world:

Boruto and Team 7 are currently recovering following their knock down, drag out fight with the larger than life member of the Kara Organization named Boro. With the previous chapter ending with a member of Kara looking to join the ranks of Konoha and feed them information about their former group of colleagues, fans will have to wait just a little longer in order to see what the next steps of the war between rogues and Konoha take place! Hopefully, the series won't see any more delays in its future!


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