'Boruto' Just Upgraded One of Sasuke's Best Fights Ever

Sasuke vs Kinshiki (FULL FIGHT)Movie and Anime Version combined.#BORUTO #SASUKE [...]

Boruto episode 54 saw the build up to the "Chunin Exam Arc" really kick into high-gear, as Boruto chose a powerful new mentor, and took a critical first step toward learning an important jutsu. However, aside from the important development's with the titular character, Boruto fans were hyped for a very different development: the return of Sasuke!

Not only did the greatest Shinobi of Hidden Leaf make his return - he did so with some serious flare! Take a look at the video above to witness one of Sasuke's greatest fights in the entire Naruto/Boruto saga!

This battle was between Sasuke and Kinshiki Otsutsuki, a mysterious new alien warrior of the Otsutsuki clan, who learns from Sasuke just what fate has befallen Kaguya. Needless to say, that discussion quickly turns into a violent fight, in a sequence that features some of the best animation that Boruto has produced.

However, the real joy of the clip above is the connection between this fight sequence in the Boruto anime, and the same battle sequence that was featured as the opening to the original Boruto: Naruto The Movie feature that preceded the series.

This Twitter user, GenieEliteZ, has created a supercut that combines the Sasuke / Kinshiki fight from the movie with the sequence from the anime. The big takeaway from the this little supercut experiment is that the Boruto anime did a pretty good job animating this fight sequence in a way that most fans would agree is very well done, by the usual Boruto animation standards. Obviously, the TV animators don't have all the resources the movie team did - which is pretty obvious in the shots where Sasuke and Kinshiki are moving so fast that they only appear as crackling streaks of energy - a visual feat the anime can't mimic nearly as well.

Boruto 54 Sasuke vs Kinshiki

Overall, the movie features more time with Sasuke and Kinshiki battling inside the palace, before transitioning into the exterior scenes, where the anime details how Sasuke finds himself facing a losing battle, and chooses to escape with a mysterious scroll in his possession. What that scroll means to the Otsutsuki, and what danger it may pose to Hidden Leaf, remains to be seen.

What we can say for sure at this point, is that in a long line of Naruto battle sequences, this is one of Sasuke's best. The only real downside to this fight is that it's over before both fighters could really go all-out. Maybe we'll get to that soon...


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