Pete Wentz Reveals How the BTS and Fall Out Boy Collab Happened

Last year, BTS came to slay, and the k-pop group managed to win over millions of new fans with its [...]

Last year, BTS came to slay, and the k-pop group managed to win over millions of new fans with its comebacks. In December, fans were taken for a spin when the band's leader RM dropped a surprise collab with Fall Out Boy, and the U.S. rock band just opened up about how the whole team-up happened.

Over on Twitter, a fan posted a video taken from a recent Q&A session with Fall Out Boy. A fan had asked the group how they connected with RM for the collaboration, and Pete Wentz revealed it all started because of Dance Dance Revolution.

No, really - you have DDR to thank for the remix.

"My kid had this birthday party at an arcade, and I was running around trying to avoid 9-year-olds for a minute, and this giant group of people came running in," the bassist explained before revealing how he encountered RM for the first time.

"I was like, 'Oh, what is that?' And they were like, 'Oh, it's the guy from BTS and he just has to play Dance Dance Revolution everywhere he goes or something crazy.' And there were just like a zillion fans behind him.

So, we reached out after we investigated. We were like, 'Would he want to do a feature,' and they were like yes. He was really specific. They told us he wants to a remix of "Champion" and he's got an idea for it. We were like 'Oh, great' and that was that."

After a short pause, Wentz went on to say that Fall Out Boy had no idea about how big BTS and RM were internationally. They did not expect a big social buzz to follow the collaboration, so they were stunned with the remix trended worldwide on Twitter way before it dropped.

"We had no idea," Wentz laughed. "To realize that the BTS fans made it trend on Twitter before it came out, it was so weird."

If you have not had a chance to check out the remixed single, you can find it on streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify. The track has helped usher in press for Fall Out Boy as they prepare to drop their full album "Mania" which drops on January 19.

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