BTS's Jungkook Gifts Fans a Cover of 'Oh Holy Night'

Christmas is just a few hours away for fans in the US, but South Korea is already in the midst of festivities. Santa has visited the peninsula, but it is Jungkook who just gave k-pop fans a gift. After all, the BTS singer did just give fans a touching holiday cover to blast during the holidays.

Oh, and yes - it happens to be free.

If you head to SoundCloud, you can take a listen to the latest cover which Jungkook just released. The singer released an acoustic version of “Oh Holy Night” in English for BTS fans around the world. The track, which last just over three minutes, is a slow one that shows off Jungkook’s sweet voice. And, as you may have expected. fans are losing it over the surprise drop.

BTS kicked off the holiday in South Korea by dropping a clip on social media. The band’s seven members shot a video welcoming Christmas for fans, and Jungkook dropped his cover not long after.

Of course, fans of BTS will know this is just one of many covers which Jungkook has done. In the past, the singer would record covers of various songs in his dorm’s closet, but Jungkook recently got his own studio at his company BigHit Entertainment.


If you want to check out Jungkook’s other singles, you can find them on SoundCloud. The singer most recently did a cover of “2U” by Justin Beiber and has also sung “Purpose”, “Lost Stars”, “Nothing Like Us”, “Fools”, and “Paper Hearts”.

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