BTS Fans Want The Whole World To Know About Outcast

When it comes to fandoms, it is hard to top k-pop stans. The once-niche community has risen to [...]

When it comes to fandoms, it is hard to top k-pop stans. The once-niche community has risen to international heights over the last few years, and 2017 drew in millions of new fans thanks to acts like BTS. Now, the fandom wants the world to know about a little thing called Outcast, and it is doing so in a big way.

You know, since #btsoutcast has been trending worldwide on Twitter for several days straight now.

If you are confused about the hashtag, then you are in for a truly wild ride. The phenomenon got its start earlier this January when a BTS fan-account shared its newest project on Twitter. The user @flirtaus released the first piece of Outcast, a horror-themed AU which uses text messages to tell a rather riveting story. The fictional thread takes fans on a journey detailing Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok's fictional entry to the game Outcast, and fans have been freaking out over the nail-biting story since.

In a matter of days, Outcast managed to trend at the top of Twitter's worldwide tag and spawn an entire community of fans on its own. The user @flirtaus has nearly half a million followers of their own, and BTS Outcast continues to enthrall fans now that it has come to an end. If you head to Twitter, you will find memes and more than a few spoilers about the AU's real culprit, so you might want to hold off on searching the hashtag just yet.

Seriously, you are going to want to experience the thread for itself.

While fandom outsiders may not understand what #btsoutcast means, k-pop fans have taken the homegrown success as an indicator of its community's strength. The BTS thread is just one of thousands out there which fans create daily for other fans. The heralded tradition of fan-works like fan-fiction are still alive within the fandom, and BTS Outcast proves a new generation has taken the hobby and modernized it for a new age. So, if you don't feel like sleeping tonight, then you might as well check out this truly global tag on Twitter.

Just, if you get a text from someone asking for your Outcast username, throw your phone in the trash - maybe set it on fire just to be safe.

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