Castlevania Cosplay Goes for Blood With Carmilla

One awesome Castlevania cosplay has brought Carmilla back into the fold to highlight just how big of an impact the villain had on the Netflix anime series! The Castlevania anime series is undoubtedly one of the most surprising releases to come from Netflix's anime library in the past few years as it not only impressed fans of Konami's original video game series, but impressed fans of anime as well. It was a tough balance to get right, and the series was able to do so thanks to its huge roster of memorable villains and heroes that fans had met over the course of its four season run. 

Standing out even among the stand outs was Carmilla. This villain positioned herself as one of the primary antagonists of the series overall through some well placed vengeance, and her final moments in the series remain one of the most memorable of the entire run overall. She now ranks high among anime fans' favorite villains ever, and now artist Yaya Han is reminding fans why that is with some awesome cosplay highlighting Carmilla's fierce look. Check it out below: 

If you have yet to check out the final season for yourself,'s Evan Valentine reviewed Castlevania's final outing and spoke of it as such, "Amid the blood and guts, Castlevania takes the opportunity to dive into what it means to be a creature of the night and/or a vampire, which allows for some interesting character development that gives something for fans to mull over in the final moments. Fans of the series will definitely find themselves surprised at where some of their favorite characters end up and which battles actually take place following the build-up of Season 3. It's a tight, action-packed affair that potentially could have used one less episode to bring everything to a close." You can read the full review here for more.


If you have yet to jump into the series as all, all four seasons of Castlevania are now streaming with Netflix. Now is the best time to go back and check out how it all began before Netflix expands the franchise with all sorts of new entries. They have announced following the end of the final season that they are currently producing a new series set in this universe that takes place years after the events of the series and follows Richter Belmont during the French Revolution. But how do you feel about Castlevania's anime series on Netflix? What would you want to see in action next? Let us know all of your thoughts about the series in the comments!